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Africa flag quiz

Welcome to the "Guess the African flag quiz". Take the quiz and find out how much you know about African flags. At the end of the quiz don't forget to share your result on Facebook or Twitter.

Some cool Facts of African Flags

Africa has 54 sovereign countries with their own identification flag. With their vibrant colors, it is easy to identify an African flag from flags of other continents.

Before proceeding to the quiz, there are some cool facts you need to know about African flags.

  • All African flags are rectangular in shape. Nepal is only one country in the world that uses a non-rectangular flag.
  • 6 African countries used Islamic symbols in their flags. These are Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Comoros, Mauritania, and Libya.
  • Compared to other continents, African flags are vibrant in color.
  • Western Sahara, a disputed desert covered territory found on northern Africa which is administered by Morocco, has its own flag.

About the quiz

This quiz contains 15 multiple-choice questions. You need to select and click on an answer and then hit the "next" button in order to proceed to the next question. At the end of the quiz, you will have an option to share your results with your friends via Facebook or Twitter. You can see your result at the end of the quiz. The result will display the result of each question. To find out how much you get out of 15, click the share buttons at the bottom.


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